Our Story | Ronco Recipes
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Ronco® Pasta is a Memphis original

In 1900, Giovanni “John” S. Robilio, Sr. emigrated from Bassignana, Italy to Memphis, Tennessee, where he met and married Memphis-native Jennie Gaia. Together they opened a successful grocery store that quickly expanded into making and selling fresh spaghetti to other stores in town. As American tastes for Italian foods increased, Thomas A. Cuneo joined the Robilios in the grocery and food import business in 1920, bringing such delicacies as cheeses, anchovies, sardines, and other specialty items into the area.


By 1929, the popularity of Robilio & Cuneo pasta had grown so much that a full-scale pasta kitchen was needed to support hungry Memphis residents. The Ronco® Pasta Company was formed and built its first kitchen at 124 North Front Street. That location, the intersection of Front Street and Adams Avenue, is now Memphis City Hall.


Since 1929, Ronco® Pasta has provided local cooks quality pasta made from the finest 100% North American durum wheat, and inspires them to make dishes that bring family and friends together to share more than just a meal, but also memories, smiles, and the experience of moments savored together. Ronco® Pasta remains a Memphis favorite today, drawing on the heritage of its founding families and the beloved brand’s role in local history.